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Two Main Events for WrestleMania 24 Coming to Form

We touched on this awhile ago, but it looks as if the Triple H vs Batista rematch for WrestleMania 24 is going to happen after all. John Sefcik and I have been discussing the two main events for the show, and it looks like right now we are set for Edge vs Undertaker, and HHH vs Batista. The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that HHH will be going over on Jeff Hardy at Armageddon in two weeks, then he will win the strap from Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble.

From there, Batista will win the Rumble, and then challenge HHH for the WWE title at the event. Now as far as fan favorite is concerned, I would have to say that HHH makes the change to heel, and then Batista comes in the fan favorite, and as far as winning goes, that's totally up in the air at this point. The Edge vs Taker match is the biggest money maker from the SmackDown side, with Taker going over for the belt, and the HHH vs Batista rematch from WM 21 would be the main event from how it stands now.

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