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Raw is indifferent

Yes folks welcome to Raw is indifferent tonight. 2 weeks to go to the pay per view and it looks like we are out of steam. With most of the big matches already announced last week how do you fill the show tonight before the big 3 hour 15th anniversary episode next week? Give the fans some ho hum matches that don't bore, but don't excite either. It started off with a dull verbal show down between Jericho and Orton. OK I may be ready to retract by comments from a few days ago, Orton may not have what it takes to be champ as he was a bit flat again. The disappointment was Jericho who did not seem to be into it tonight. He starts it with a dull " Raw is Jericho" and he never really brought the thunder like he can.

This great exchange would be further enhanced by a lame HBK spoof by Kennedy and some horrible impostors of HBK's former adversaries. The dressing jobbers like superstars gimmick is old and this one failed to deliver. In my opinion it did not add any fuel to the upcoming match at Armageddon. And once again one of the WWE's loudest mouths, Ken Kennedy, came up lame in his taunts of Michael's.

Of course we were treated to some lack luster matches in between. The women's tag match was a mismatch with the very talented Beth Phoenix and Melina against the ever electric Mickey James and Maria. One of these things is not like the other and guess who does not belong? If you guess Maria you win the captain obvious award. She brings nothing to the ring other than her good looks so of course this match went nowhere.

We were also treated to a ever so fun Snitsky match as he took on Jeff Hardy. At least this ending was a bit interesting as Triple H came out and protected Hardy from a chair shot. As the two competitors at Armageddon shook hands there was pause and leer from Triple H. This pairing could become interesting as the match at Armageddon is now for the title shot at the Rumble. The other matches of Umaga/Jericho and Orton/HBK while interesting really weren't that thrilling. Both ended with run ins and the matches were not that spectacular. Orton/HBK had some good moments but was ruined by Kennedy's run in and Jericho attacking Orton for his cheep shot during Jericho's match. Lets hope next weeks episode or Raw delivers for the anniversary, as it looks as Vince may find himself in trouble again with a WWE superstar. Only next week will tell.

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