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Edge Out; WWE Heavyweight title Up in the Air - Again

Once again, the WWE Heavyweight title is going to be up in the air, as reports say that Edge is going to miss an undetermined amount of time with a torn pec muscle. This is going to be the second straight champion, and third out of four if you count Batista, that is being forced by injury to submit the title.

Edge was expected to have a long title reign, so being forced to give up the belt for an injury is a very tough thing that he is going to have to live with. What the WWE does from here is anyones guess. They liked Edge as title holder, so at first guess they would put a heel champ in place, and that champ would fight Kane Sunday at the Great American Bash. The problem is the SmackDown brand is weak in heels, so who they would go with is beyond guess.

The only true heel heavyweights on the roster are: Mark Henry, MVP (who is already US Champ and will fight Matt Hardy Sunday), Finlay, and The Great Khali. Knowing how the WWE works, I would guess one of two things - they bring in someone from RAW or ECW, or they give it to Khali. Henry is in the mix as well, but they have pushed Khali, and if they do a battle royale, which for now is the plan to crown a champ, Khali is the type of guy that could win that, and then fight Kane at the GAB.

Of course I could see the card then Sunday being switched around from Khali and Batista to a three-way with Kane, Khali and Batista, or Henry being put in the place of Khali to take on Batista.

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