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An Answer From a Question in the Shoutbox...

The Following was left in the SHOUTBOX earlier today:

Guest: Matt, are you 100% convinced there were no other persons involved? What about other fingerprints at the scene,on the Bibles, etc.

Me - Well, let me be the first to say that my wife, who lives and dies with cases such as these, was the first to pose to me on Monday night when things were breaking about the chance of their being a third party involved. I have heard the theory that someone else actually killed Nancy and Daniel, and then made Chris hang himself. Could it have been over drugs? Possibly Chris owed money to someone? Maybe he got into bed with the wrong people over something and wanted payback? Sadly though, I don't buy into any of these, or any other possible theories that could involve any other parties.

Based on all that I have read and seen on hours of hours of reading and TV watching on the case, this still seems to me to be a case of a person with some serious issues going over the deep end. While I have no "inside" idea as to why, if I was a betting man, I would have to say Chris went over the edge over Daniel's condition, as well as the stress that came along with being on the road with the WWE non-stop, and yes, I also firmly believe that there was something in Chris' system that pushed him far enough to kill Nancy first, then Daniel, then himself. Sad, but that's going to be the truth in the end in my opinion.

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I've only got one post up so far but keep checking back for more!

Hey wwemania17...thanks for reading, I will continue to check your site in the future. Good Luck

Thanks Matt for answering my question? I have been returning again and again to your blog as I think you have the most comprenhensive coverage without all the advertisement at sites like wrestlezone, etc.. As for your response, unfortunately I have to agree with you that in the end it was just another sad story of someone unable to silence the demons that haunted him.

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