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Wrestling Observer's Latest on a Motive for the Benoit Murder

The following was posted at WrestlingObserver.com at 5:07 this afternoon

There are other details soon to surface nationally about the murder/suicide that include details about Nancy Benoit spoke with Astin the day before her murder to try and gain information about treating her son Daniel. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt told me the promotion has information stating Daniel was suffering from Fragile X, which is an inherited mental impairment that causes autistic-like symptoms [more information about the disease can be found at FragileX.org]. McDevitt said it’s believed that Nancy Benoit was struggling trying to cope with Daniel and that neck surgery she had undergone wasn’t make the situation any easier for her and Chris.

One question that can be posed is this: If Chris Benoit killed his wife stemming from a confrontation about Daniel, did he later kill his son because of concerns about who would take care of a needs child while he was in prison? While this doesn’t make Benoit’s actions any more justifiable, the scenario may shed some light on why Chris Benoit killed his son before taking his own life.

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