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As a Wrestling Fan...How do you Feel Today?

Other than the opening of the show, did you watch ECW? If you did, how did you feel as the show went on? I will gladly admit that the last 72 hours things in the world of wrestling have taken a 180 degree turn. Everytime you turn on a talk show, a news show, or just walk into a gas station, people are talking about the unreal events that took place over the weekend at the home of Chris Benoit. Even if people do not know the name of Benoit, or watches wrestling, they know about what happened Monday.

So today, I ask you - how do you feel about the sport? Do you feel the same way you did Sunday? Will the sport ever actually be the same again? I can't honestly answer that question today. It's too soon in my mind what the long term impact of the Benoit murders will have on the sport and on the fans. I am not trying to sit here and actually think that the sport won't go on, cripe, they already did a show on Tuesday night, but I guess what will be almost perplexing to watch is the emotion that goes along with it.

I did watch the Cena-Nitro match on ECW Tuesday. I don't know why, other than to maybe make myself believe that it was just another show. No, this was not just another show. This was the show that supposed to be Benoit's crowning moment as the new ECW Champion. This was the show that was supposed to be payback for him for all those days and months of playing pet to the bookers and writers. Bottom line, Benoit was going to be champion again, and the sport was going to be better for it.

Now though, it's gone. All in a blink of an eye, three lives, the life of Chris, his wife, and young son are gone. This was not like the three got into an accident, or were killed in a plane crash. It was worse. 22 years in a ring, night after night of putting your body on the line, and for it to be gone like this. This wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. These things are not supposed to happen. Benoit was never a loose cannon, he was not a man that was supposed to be capable of doing this. Instead, as more and more about his inner demons and what may have triggered this comes out, you have to wonder just what type of man Benoit was.

Sposual abuse, restraining orders, violence in the home. Who would have thought it? Now there is the "X" factor that has come out about young Daniel. A precious 7-year old boy who according to some reports was suffering from being undersized as well as possibly even having mental issues. Trust me, it doesn't make what Chris did right. By no means does anyone have the right to take another persons life. But it does to a small extent shed a little light on what may have been going on in Chris' head as Friday came along.

So now, some three days later, how as a fan do you feel? Are you going to be able to enjoy the shows as much as you did before? Can things for the company ever go back to normal? Though this all, that may be the most telling part of this tragedy - how does Joe wrestling fan look at the sport now? I know personally, watching Friday and Monday is not going to feel the same as it did a week ago. I don't know if it ever will. At least it won't for sometime.

Matt, I can understand what you are saying. The guy has murdered 2 of his own family members. Fact. He was one of the best technical wrestlers the business ever saw. Fact.

But we have to understand that life (and the business) must go on, the night Owen Hart plummeted to his death, people will have thought "I'm bnever going to watch wrestling again, it just wont be the same"
then Eddie Guerrero died, again people agreed 'SmackDown! just won't be the same again"

These things happen in life and we have to move on no matter what.

Yeah people are saying "What a total heartless bas*ard he was killing his wife and child" I, however, seem to have gotten around all of that, it never sunk in and probably won't, i like hardcore wrestlers, the type who won't think twice about disloging another persons spine as long as the crowd enjoy it.

I am remembering Benoit for all the technicality and high flying wrestling that people knew him for. At the end of the day .. He was one tough S.O.B. And with that, may he R.I.P.

There are two sides to a person in the spot light! The chris that laced his boot every monday, tuesday, or friday; and put on the greatested match striving to top once again in his amazing spand over the years. The countless injuries, broken necks as a result of giving the wwe fans what they wanted to see. I personally loved watching chris do what he did best! Than there's the chris that only friends and family members got to see. I'm sorry for the lost to Naceys family aswell as chris's family is going throw the same thing losing a son and grandchild! I hope chris can still get inducted all the fallen wrestlers into the Hall of fame, i my mind he's the "crippler", and what happened in that house shouldn't take away from the blood, and tears that he left in that ring every time he stepped in it!

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