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Nancy Benoit's Parents Comment On The Tragedy

**Special Thanks to Jennifer for Emailing us the following Story**

The parents of Nancy Benoit, Paul and Maureen Toffoloni, commented publicly for the first time since the tragedy via their Atlanta-based lawyer, Richard Decker.

The Toffoloni's stated that they were unaware of their grandson's Fragile X Syndrome condition. "To them, he's always been a normal, healthy, happy child with no signs of illness," Decker said. "And that's not from a distance. That's from day-to-day contact, which included babysitting Daniel often.

Nancy's parents are "grieving and trying to keep a low profile." The Toffoloni's have asked Decker to investigate a possible civil lawsuit, and he is waiting for the investigation to conclude.

"We're trying to stay out of their way right now," Decker said. "In the meantime, Maureen and Paul and Sandra [Nancy's sister] have asked me to ask members of the media and public to remember that this is an investigation of the death of their daughter and only grandchild. And even though Chris and Nancy led public lives, the family, specifically Daniel, did not lead a public life."

The comments were published by ESPN's web site.

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