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RAW 1/29

It seems you can already tell that WrestleMania is closing in, as the WWE had a hot show last night on RAW to start building some pretty interesting angles for the upcoming super card that will take place on April 1st in Detroit. Rumors started Monday that the card for Mania, which had the main events reportedly set over the weekend, were getting an overhaul, and that new things would happen on RAW to make that happen. If that is the case, and I believe it is, you could tell that the angles they are setting up are directly due to the huge push that Shawn Michaels is getting since HHH's injury, as well as the indecision as to who should fight John Cena at Mania.

The main event was a solid tag match built off an earlier angle that saw Michaels and Cena team up to take on and defeat Rated RKO for the WWE tag belts. The match was built after Michaels declared that he wanted a shot at Cena at Mania, then both Edge and Randy Orton stated the same thing. This led Vince McMahon, who I am afraid is going to be on TV WAY too much in the next two months, making the tag title match for the main event. The show ended with the Rumble winner - the Undertaker, showing up and standing on the ramp staring down Cena, as if he is going to declare he wants Cena at Mania instead of Batista. Before that they teased Michaels giving Cena sweet chin music, but backed off and went face to face with Cena before Taker appeared.

I personally love the angles they started last night, and despite it looking like the two main events are set for Mania, I think its good to keep options open and have the option in going a few different directions. It reminds me of two years ago when Batista won the Rumble, then went back and forth between taking on JBL and HHH before finally going face and taking on Hunter for the belt. The main events for Mania now look as follows - Undertaker vs Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship (I'm already leaning towards Taker), and on the RAW side - a fatal four way between Michaels, Edge, Orton and Cena for the WWE title (Cena I would pick today to win this one).

The other angle they started was the Trump vs McMahon feud, as Donald showed up on the Titan tron to berate Vince when he was in the ring doing an ego filled interview about how great he is. Then, in a wild turn of events, real money started falling from the rafters. How crazy that must have been to be there as bills of all different amounts fell into peoples hands. I would love to know the exact amount that the company spent for what I thought was a very strong angle. You can expect that angle to of course turn into a match with Trump in someones corner (Hogan?) and McMahon also in someones corner (Shane O-Mac?).

Most of the rest of the show was okay, with matches including the Worlds Greatest Tag Team over Cryme Tyme (I think their first loss), Melina beating Maria, setting up the Women's title match at Mania, Umaga over Val Venis (a rare RAW shot for Val), Carlito and Super Crazy over Chris Masters and Kenny, and finally Khali over Jeff Hardy by countout. The nice thing about this show was they have now 8 TV's before Mania, and I thought that they did a strong job of starting a bunch of things that should lead to some great matches at that event.

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