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ECW 1/23

ECW on Tuesday night from Mobile, Alabama was chock full of some of the oddest booking we have seen in sometime from the WWE. The main event was scheduled to be Bob Holly vs Bobby Lashley for the ECW Title, but for some unknown reason was swapped with Test for Holly. The odd booking means that with the clean win last night, Lashley is still slated to step into the ring with Test at the Royal Rumble for the belt on Sunday.

I am not sure what direction they are going with what happened last night, other than the next oddest thing that DIDN'T happen was that Holly didn't somehow interfere in the match. Being in Holly's hometown, maybe they got a sense that he would get cheered and Lashley booed? I am not sure on that one, but it would sort of make sense. But then to put a guy that Lashely is supposed to fight in five days in the match? That really didn't make sense. There has to be some sort of storyline that will play out by Sunday that will change that match, that's the only theory I can think of there.

They had a 5-man Battle Royal if you will, basically just getting people pumped for Sunday's Royal Rumble. The five in the ring were RVD, Sabu, Kevin Thorn, Sandman and Tommy Dreamer. Another set of odd booking with four faces and one heel in this one. As you would expect to play out, it came down to the one heel in Thorn and the final remaining face - RVD. After nearly being thrown out a few occassions, RVD rallied to eliminate Thorn and win the match. Not bad, but again, odd booking made it look a little like 4-on-1.

The Alpha Male Marquis Cor Von was back in action, taking on another scrub in Wes Adams. Not much of a match, but Tazz and Joey Styles talk up Cor Von a ton and make him out to be the biggest thing since sliced bread. Needless to say, until I see him in there with some real wrestler I'll hold back my opinion on how this guy is going is going to pan out. Cor Von won easily with a Fujiwara armbar.

Kelly's Expose was back, and it looked like a bad NBA dancer routine with Layla, new ECW Diva Brooke Adams, and Kelly, who still is the most annoying person in my opinion in wrestling today. Every time she opens her mouth it reminds me of nails on a chalkboard. That's how much I cannot stand anything that has to do with her. The three danced and wiggled for about 2-3 minutes to an Ice Cube song, and thankfully were shutdown with an odd Test video, promoting his match with Lashley.

Next was C.M. Punk vs Elijah Burke, which saw Matt Striker doing commentary at ringside. Striker didn't add much to this, and Burke and Punk went back and forth before Punk won with a reversal of a rollup. They never made mention that Burke was on his own without Sylvester Terkay, who was released last week. I think that you will see Burke simply drift back to a Chris Masters type guy at this point, and Punk will continue to feud with Striker.

That was it for this one hour of confusion. I am not sure what direction they will take with Sunday now that Test was beaten cleanly by Lashley, about the only thing I can think is a 3-way with Test, Lashley and Holly. Whatever the case maybe, this was one show that made me scratch my head when it was over.

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