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Mania Rumors Picking Up on the Web

Rumors, sometimes true and most of the time false, are always hot and heavy in the world of Pro Wrestling, and the internet is full of information, and most of the time - misinformation as to what is going to happen in the ring. With WrestleMania 23 about 2+ months away, the rumors out of numerous websites will be many, but the facts few. So take below for what it is worth about the biggest event of the year, as I have searched and grabbed a few rumors that seem to be making the rounds about the event:

The one rumor that does appear to be closer than ever to being true is a match between Undertaker and Batista. SmackDown programming over the past few weeks seems to be gearing up towards a match with those two, and a Taker win at the Rumble Sunday sets it up perfectly. They will sell this match with Taker putting his undefeated WM streak on the line vs Batista's title. I think this rumor will become fact after the Rumble Sunday night.

Another rumor is that they may actually pass over the Taker winning Sunday and give the Rumble win to Shawn Michaels. The last two weeks Michaels has been on fire on RAW, and with HHH out for at least 5-6 months, it looks more and more as if Michaels is going to go it alone without a partner. The Rumble is in Michales' hometown of San Antonio, and a win sets up a classic face vs face match between he and John Cena at Mania. Of course having two face vs face main events might be a bit much, but it can happen. I just don't see it. The rumor mill has either Edge or Randy Orton vs Cena, and with Edge and Cena having fought about 1,000 times over the last year, I go with Orton vs Cena as the RAW main event for the WWE Title. I think right now if that is the case, you will see Batista vs Taker as the last match on the show as the REAL main event.

On to Hulk Hogan. There is no doubt that Hogan will be part of the show as long as money can be worked out, and trust me, with the dough they are going to make off this show, that should not be an issue. As far as who Hogan fights, there are three names that have popped up on various sites: The Great Kahli, Umaga, or Shane McMahon. The McMahon named popped up out of the blue the other day, and the rumor stated that Shane would be managed by Vince, while Hogan would have Donald Trump in his corner. Wow. I still think in the end it will be Kahli vs Hogan, as that would be the closet remake to Hogan vs Andre that they have now that it looks as if there is no way Big Show will be back for the show.

I have stated more than once the MNM vs Hardy's match, with some sort of stip like TLC or ladders. Numerous wrestling sites now have that as well, so where there is smoke there's fire. Count on that match happening.

The other rumor I had that will happen is something with Steve Austin. As stated here before, Austin's WWE movie is out at the end of April, and they need to have his face on TV and on the biggest show of the year to give it a push.

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