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In the End, is there Any Doubt Who Attacked Taker?

There was at least some discussion this past week about having the NXT Rookies be the ones responsible for The Undertaker being in a vegetative state.

However, word this weekend was that they are planning a Kane vs. Undertaker casket match for SummerSlam, instead of Taker vs. Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Title.

If WWE goes with the idea that Kane attacked Undertaker and they stick with the casket match at SummerSlam, Taker will work that feud before moving on to the World Heavyweight Title picture.

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I'm not too excited about another UT/Kane feud.

Logically, Taker should be getting title shots now since he never got his rematch from Elimination Chamber. Too bad, UT/Swagger was already used on a throw-away edition of Raw.

I think if the WWE are going to do another undertaker/Kane feud that the rivalry should end in a inferno match rather than a casket match because every since Kane's mask came of and after the whole rampage thing he hasn't had much in the way of a good storyline.
If they were to go with the inferno match they could end it with Kane's face being burnt again and after his return have him comeback in the mask, Go on another rampage and become the monster we all use to love.
If they go with the buried alive match Kane is just going to go back to being a mid-card wrestler with the odd crappy storyline, it would just be a waste of time and far less entertaining.

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