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Daniel Bryan Released - Or is He?

Based on the angle we saw Monday night, I would bet the following posted on WWE.com earlier tonight is nothing more than a work:

WWE has come to terms on the release of NXT first season rookie Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) as of today June 11, 2010. We wish Daniel Bryan the best in all future endeavors.

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I think that is an awesome idea. Release him! HE NEEDS TO GO! He was never even good. He never won on NXT. And the only person he could beat was Santino in a tag team match. So he should definetly go and we should release him.

Okay, let's face it: Daniel Bryan was never any good. His in ring ability was pretty incompetent to say the least, and maybe, just maybe, if he had more work in development, he might have a shot with a real contract. If they bring him back I'd be very disappointed. He needs to go and for now, should stay gone.

Secondly, he lacks the charisma to perform sufficiently in the ring. I can't see him getting up in someone's face seriously and telling them off without laughing. Some people just have "the look" that tells you they really might be something, and Bryan just doesn't have it. As a matter of fact, I didn't notice any of the season 1 rookies that really had the look. But that's a completely different subject, and could probably just be my high standards..

Whatever the case may be, I definately think it is a great idea to release Bryan Danielson. Let him do his thing and suck it up in some developmental program untill he finally starts to progress. He's just no good, and he needs to get better if he's serious.

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You two were born and raised on WWE product, weren't you? Vince has spoon fed both of you to the point of where you are both unable to see the natural god-given ability that someone has in the ring, reguardless of 'the look'.

As for him never winning, are you two aware that wrestling is entertainment, and is scripted, right? He was booked that way.

A fact that you two were probably not aware of, WWE wanted Bryan Danielson on the main roster from the get go. Danielson REQUESTED to go to FCW (Developmental) so he could work off of the 'ring rust of being in a smaller ring'. He wanted to go there, not the other way around.

Bryan Danielson has busted his ass in this business for 10 years, wrestled all around the world and has won title after title. And this is how he gets brought in? He was the Miz's rookie. Bryan Danielson was wrestling in Japan when Mike 'the Miz' Mizinin was on the Real World PRETENDING TO BE A WRESTLER.

My advice for both of you, head over to youtube and search for Bryan Danielson. I think both of you are in need of some heavy education.

As for someone not having 'the look'. It's not a secret that Vince loves to be around big, jacked up guys built like Batista, the ones who can't wrestle and just suck at life in general. Shawn Michaels doesn't have the look, Bret Hart didn't, and They are still regarded as two of the industries best.

I, personally think this is a work. If it is, its the best work in years. If not, WWE just made THE biggest mistake ever & I'll see you in TNA Bryan.

Daniel should of not been released he was better than the other guys

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