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WrestleMania 25 in Review - Match #2 - Women's Battle Royal

Match #2 is underway, and this sucks, since there was no intro's due to the stupid Kid Rock "concert," the match just started with no real fanfare.

Matt Loede: For all the hoopla this got on the internet and on TV, this was awful. They really should have introduced the Divas, and it was a joke that of the Divas that came back, they were all pretty much out before we could even realize they were in the match. I mean, I really wanted to see the crowd pop for women like Torrie, Molly Holly, Victoria and more. And the whole fact they made "Santina" the winner was even more of a joke. I am not going to waste any more typing on this match. It outright sucked.

John Sefcik: Horrible gag. First a long intro combined with a terrible Kid Rock performance along with a lack of individual intros for the Divas. Then the match was a mass of humanity in which you had no idea who was who. This was followed up by Santino winning Miss Wrestle Mania. Why did we make the tag match a dark match? Yeah that's what I thought.

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