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12 Rounds Tanks at the Box Office

As reported earlier, WWE Studios’ latest feature film, 12 Rounds, is estimated at doing $5.3 million for the weekend. This is far below what WWE executives had initially projected. Going into the weekend, internal expectations were at a $10.1 million opening. The film’s distributer, 20th Century Fox, then lowered WWE’s expectations to a more realistic figure — $7.5 million. Following opening night, expectations were lowered once again — to $5.5 million. Then yesterday’s numbers came in and the movie is projected to finish with a $5.3 million weekend.

HollywoodReporter.com revealed the type of audience that saw 12 Rounds over the weekend. According to them, the John Cena-centered film drew audiences comprised 57% of males, with 53% of patrons aged 25 and older.

Movie executives said exit polls showed patrons responded positively to the WWE feature film, which in their eyes, could bode well for its word-of-mouth prospects over the next two weekends.

“Hopefully, we have momentum to play through Easter,” Fox Senior VP Distribution Bert Livingston said.

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Well why would it not tank. It has John Cena in it. This storyline has been done in how many movies? It's lame, no one cares. Besides, his fans are too young to watch it anyway.

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