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ECW: Swagger Takes the Belt - and the World Yawns

So the WWE brass has given a basic no-name in Jack Swagger the ECW Title, beating an established star in Matt Hardy. And I wonder why I don't watch ECW with much hope. Yes, the company thinks they are creating stars by giving them belts, but let's be real here, does Swagger even deserve a belt at this point in his young career?

You probably did like I did when Swagger got the three-count vs Hardy on Tuesday night - said to yourself "wow" and then simply went back to doing whatever it was you were doing. Fans don't care about wrestlers like Jack Swagger. They don't have near the charsima that main event stars do, yet they get pushed down our throats each and every week.

I'd almost rather watch Tiffany make out with Ricky Ortiz. Just kidding.

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