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WWE Coming Out with New Weekly Show

WGN issued a press release toting the brand new "WWE Superstars" series that will debut in April on WGN America. The weekend replay will air on Saturday afternoons and the show will probably be around for a while as WWE and WGN have signed a two-year deal. WGN's parent company The Tribune Co. is paying a license fee for the show while WWE is producing it.

Regarding the actual content of the show, it looks like it will be a showcase for the mid- to low-end performers of WWE who have trouble getting on Raw and SmackDown. "WWE Superstars" is being billed as a "first-run" series, indicating it will not be a recap/magazine style of show, which pretty much leaves it being a program featuring all-new matches. Also, the show will feature Superstars and Divas from all three brands, so it won't be a brand exclusive show such as Heat and Velocity.

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