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ECW - Why Again Did I Watch This?

ECW's offering on Tuesday night was, per usual, nothing special, but we did get a few interesting things out of it. First off, sounds like Tommy Dreamer is in someone's dog house backstage for talking about TNA on his recent blog entry. Dreamer talked about watching and liking the TNA product, a big "no-no" in the WWE. Seems like he paid for it with a quick opening beating from Vladimir Kozlov and then Jack Swagger.

The funny part is we never really heard why the beating took place, or what may come of it.

As for the announcement of Kozlov vs Matt Hardy for the ECW Title at the PPV Sunday, seems like a total rushed deal to me, but that's what we have come to expect at ECW. They have tired as hard as they can with Kozlov, but at the end of the day they will come to find out he's nothing special, and he's a waste of time. We'll see if Hardy can get something good of him Sunday night.

The tag match with Miz and Morrison vs Kung Fu Naki and Jimmy Wang Yang was not a bad match, but I again have to question the long-term focus of Miz and Morrison. Too often they break up tag teams too fast, but this team needs to be broken up just so we can see what is going on with them as single wrestlers. At least this was an entertaining match to watch.

You gotta love WWE.com, which states the following about the Boogeyman match: "Boogeyman def. local competitor - After making quick work of a local athlete, Boogeyman added insult to injury by “worming” the poor competitor. Who is next to suffer the same, slimy fate?"

Just who is this mysterious "local competitor," and will we see him again? I guess only the WWE knows.

As for the main event, I could have done without it. You of course don't need to have a PHD to figure out that Mark Henry is eventually going to turn on the much older (yet in better shape than Henry) Tony Atlas. I for one don't care if I ever see Finlay Hornswoggle again in a ring together, but the company seems to think it's something we want to see.

Hopefully they will get the hint. Oh, and as for Henry and Atlas winning. Does anyone really care? And so goes another week of ECW.

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