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RAW after the Rumble Going to a Smaller Arena

From: Wrestlescoop.com

As reported earlier, WWE will holding a RAW taping in a smaller building than usual in the Cleveland area the day after the Royal Rumble on Monday, January 26, 2009. It was said to be as a result of cutbacks, but that is not the case. WWE would usually hold a show in The Quicken Loans Arena, but the week before, the World Figure Skating Championships are being held in the arena. As a result, the arena crew would only have less than 24 hours to setup the arena from figure skating to wrestling, which is not enough time. Here is reader Jason Frost’s message regarding this:

The Quicken Loans arena is still home to WWE shows. The reason they are not going to be there has nothing to do with cutbacks nore is the arena they’re going to as small as this story seems to be making it out to be. The reason for the venue change is a scheduling conflict between the WWE and the Arena. The Quicken loans arena for that week will be home to the World Figure Skating championships and that would give the arena crew less than 24 hours to setup the arena from figure skating to TV wrestling arena which normally they would need to do the day prior to the event. Instead they are going to be holding RAW at the Wolstein Center which is the arena WCW used to hold Nitro and Thunder at when they would go to Cleveland back when it was known as the CSU Convocation Center. True it is not the size of Quicken but it is still considered a large crowd sized wrestling arena and is still in Downtown so as not to completely screw up their traveling schedule by having to have the show in a completely different city or some out of the way location.

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