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We Need Contenders.....

.....And fast. If ECW proved anything last night, it was the lack of contenders for Matt Hardy's title. The match against Finlay was slow and boring as both men's diverse styles never really meshed. Plus both men are considered faces an this was evident as the both shook hands after the title match. How often do you see that now. The possible Mark Henry angle is dead as Cyber Sunday showed how much the fans hate him, while right now there is no top heels to challenge for the title. I still think they may move MVP, especially since he is in a supposed contract squabble on Smack Down. But that may not happen as we have already seen plenty of those two together. If they wanted this to be a big push for Matt they better find him some competition soon.

Th only guys they have on the current roster who would add some excitement are Miz and Morrison, but they seem to want to keep this tag team together. I do like their dynamic an they could become a great tag team, but both men have so much more to offer. I always felt they would also want to push Morrison alongside Hardy, but that has yet to develop. They seem to be in a big program now with Cryme Tyme and it does not look like they will be splitting anytime soon. This program is interesting as it does not feature any of the tag championship belts so I'm not sure where it's going to lead. But they need to do something quick to fill this void or ECW will continue on its path of being a dull show to watch each week. Things were picking up for awhile with the new talent they have been focusing on but it appears they have hit a wall as of late.

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