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Hardy Going Nuts Highlights SmackDown

The premise behind Friday Night's SmackDown this past week was I guess to see what would happen when Jeff Hardy decided to go "extreme." That is if you consider "extreme" for the rainbow Warrior to come out, use a chair in the main event, and also get his tag team match with him and Triple H DQ'ed when he used a chair on Miz and Morrison in the semi-main event.

So where does that leave the show now? They will have a main next week with Hardy vs the Undertaker, which could be very good if done right. It also means, and this is not much of a shock whatsoever, that Triple H will take on Vladimir Kozlov in the SmackDown side main event at Survivor Series in a few weeks. This match has been in the works for awhile, and at least we'll see Kozlov enter the match undefeated (not for long though).

On to the rest of thw show, which kept my attention for the two hours on the air. The two mains with HHH & Hardy vs Miz and Morisson was good till the end, which was a rather lame ending. Same went for the main with Taker and Kozlov, which I thought would have been better with Show getting involved insted of a weird ending with Hardy.

That also leads us to another Survivor Series match which was announced last night, with Taker taking on Big Show in a casket match. It has the makings of what could be a good match, but at the same time, here's hoping that this is the end to this feud, which started way back when at Unforgiven.

We saw a couple other things out of the show, like the Bella Twins finally being reveled for the first time. Brie beat Victoria in a singles match, and then afterwords, Natalya pulled out Nikki out of the ring, finally showing the twins for the first time. I would assume next week we'll see a tag with the twins vs Victoria and Nayalya.

The Great Khali beat on MVP and did another interesting "Kiss Cam" with two rather large women from the crowd, Shelton Benjamin beat R-Truth to keep the US Title, and Ezekiel Jackson beat Jimmy Wang Yang as the other filler matches on the show. The Hardy stuff was the main point of the show, and we'll see where it goes next week from here.

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smackdown was a very, very good show this week.

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