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Shooting Star

Evan Bourne continues to see his star quickly rise on ECW as he came away with a big win tonight over Mark Henry and Finlay in a triple threat match. These three are all the candidates to face Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship at Cyber Sunday. Based on the result and the fans reactions to Hardy speaking about who he should face there must be a large discrepancy in the voting slated towards Bourne. Hardy indicated he wants another match with Henry, but that most likely will have to wait as I really can't see Bourne losing. The match showed why Bourne is so popular now as he had some fantastic moves taking on the two brawlers. A match up with Hardy will no doubt showcase this even more, but I'm not sure the WWE has Bourne in their long term plans right now.

Shad would win tonight via a DQ over the Miz as this rivalry between the Hollywood elite and the streetwise Cryme Tyme keeps on rolling. It was John Morrison who cause the DQ via a kick to the back of Shad. A disappointing ending to a decent match as both men matched very well. The Miz showed he can handle himself without Morrison an could have a good future at the mid card level. Even Shad looked decent and may be able to find a place for himself if this tag gimmick ever dies out. This pairing would have to be one of the favourites to win the tag team vote for Cyber Sunday in what should be a close vote with the potential CM Punk/Kofi Kingston vs. DiBiase and Rhodes. I like this match up and it's too bad there are no belts on the line.

The opening match tonight for once was not one of the best as it was a bore fest featuring Jack Swagger. Tonight he got to beat on a jobber in Brett Badery while not really make much noise for himself. If they want to push this guy like Bourne and Ricky Ortiz they need to develop the story line with Tommy Dreamer soon. But unlike Bourne and Ortiz, Swagger will be taking on Elijah Burke in dark matches in a matter of months.

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