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JR's Blog: Vladimir Kozlov, This Week’s SmackDown, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

- Well….yours truly finally made the front page of WWE.com and I didn’t even have to have a cancer scare. People will see Ol J.R. and the “World’s Angriest Announcer”, Tazz, in a much different light than ever before this Friday Night on Smackdown. After arriving at the San Diego Sports Arena, boy do they need a new facility in that beautiful city, Tazz and I were told that we would be in costume for the Smackdown that airs Friday night which is Halloween. We weren’t given any advance warning other than that and our costumes were already provided for us, as two Navy men. Tazz’s costume “might” have fit Hornswoggle as Tazz wears a size 56 coat and a 3X top. My Navy whites had to be altered significantly as well but we made it work. Tazz had to go with plan “B” in camouflage fatigues and reminded me of Sgt. Hulka from the classic film “Stripes.” The bottom line is that we made it work. We were asked to go along with the Halloween theme, look somewhat ridiculous and do our best to create an entertaining atmosphere for the night. On that goal we kicked ass.

- Actually this was a helluva Smackdown when it comes to some really nice wrestling especially the 6 man tag featuring the Hardy Brothers and Rey Mysterio, dressed in San /Diego Charger blue and gold, vs. Kane, Mark Henry and the snake bit MVP. This might have been the best match on WWE TV all week and I would like to think that the announcing helped enhance it somewhat as well.

- The Masked Magician makes a cameo and he might want to consider looking for a day job but then again…..

- Vladimir Kozlov has really been progressing nicely in all phases of his game and it seems inevitable that the athletic Russian will meet HHH for the WWE Sooner than later as this has been brewing for a while. I really like Kozlov’s upside and pairing him with HHH will help the Russian’s development.

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