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Young Stars Shine

Last night on Raw saw the ushering in of the young talent as it featured great matches and challenges by the young stable of superstars on the roster. Yes there was excitement in the air as Batista made his first appearance as champ. The match featuring him and HBK against Jericho and JBL was solid and worthy of main event status, but it was the young stars who shone rightly.

And there was one who has been shinning more brightly than the others. Right now Evan Bourne is on fire. He had an exciting match against Matt Hardy for the ECW belt at Cyber Sunday, then followed it up with another great showing against Mysterio. It was obvious these two would match well with their high flying moves, but Bourne showed in the span of two nights he is ready to take on the big dogs. At the rate he is going I'm looking on seeing him in Money in the Bank with a possible ECW title reign shortly after.

Another group of youngsters in CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes had a solid showing in a World Tag Team championship match. It would be former ECW big boys CM Punk and Kingston walking away with the belts in an exciting match. Both team have great chemistry as they work together to put on some good combo moves. As new champs Kingston and Punk mesh well with their athletic abilities and this should be a good feud going forward. With Punk's popularity it will shine a light on these matches and hopefully raise the profiles of all the participants.

The other great young tag team of Miz and John Morrison perhaps had the biggest news of all. To celebrate the 800the episode of Raw these young upstarts will take on the biggest stable in the history of the WWE, DX. There can be no bigger stage for this young team than taking on a legendary group like Triple H and HBK on the record breaking night for the staple of the WWE on network TV. A strong showing here will no doubt firmly entrench Miz and Morrison and their futures should be unlimited. It could raise a big question in what they want to do with them, as both could do very well on their own. But right now they are tearing up the web with the Dirt Sheet show and provide a great heel dynamic to the shows they appear on.

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