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Some Final Thoughts on Cyber Sunday

In the old adage of “is it what it is” the WWE’s latest PPV – Cyber Sunday is in the books. What is hailed as the most interactive PPV of the year because it involves fans voting either for the stip of the matches or the wrestlers in the matches, there was both some good and bad on the show, and below are the highlights as it went down:


I thought both title matches were well done. Batista getting back the belt came as a bit of a surprise at first, but then I realized that you can have a series of rematches at Survivor Series and beyond. Long term I am thinking that this belt at some point goes back on the waist of Randy Orton, as he will come back and eventually have a showdown with Batista possibly at Royal Rumble.

As for the Jeff Hardy-Triple H match, again, a very solid match between two guys we’ve seen in the ring together before. I am hoping this is it for Hardy, as he’s had enough shots for now at the belt. With that said, I am assuming we’ll move on to Vladimir Kozlov and see he and HHH at Survivor Series. As for Hardy, how about a run at Shelton Benjamin and the US Belt?


The opener with Rey Mysterio and Kane came off a little flat, and I think they did all the wrong things with this program. First, they rushed the whole angle with them taking Rey’s mask off, then they really never gave a real honest reason for Kane beating on Mysterio in the first place, other than because he wears a mask? Kind of a lame feud all the way around, and I hope this match is the last we’ll see with them.


The Evan Bourne-Matt Hardy match was very good on all accounts, and I hope that we’ll see these two in the ring more down the road. Hardy is a very worthy ECW Champion, and while it’s just ECW, the show is way better with him having a belt on it and being the face of the brand. Bourne’s time will come, and this was a great teaser for what the future holds for him.


I am not a huge fan of “Last Man Standing” matches, and thought that the Undertaker-Big Show match was not as good as it could have been if there was another stipulation involved. What was wrong with the “knockout” match? That to me would have fit both better, as it would have been Show trying to knock out Taker with a punch, and Taker trying to choke Show out with the triangle choke.


The tag match between Miz and Morrison vs Cryme Tyme was a solid match, and I guess my only slight issue is what they will be doing long-term with Miz and Morrison. For now though, this was a decent win for a team that over the past year and a half has been by far the best tag team in the company.


I have always enjoyed the Intercontinental belt, and for whatever reason they keep wanting to make this belt the joke of the company. They allowed Santino Marella to take on basically one of three “legends” in Roddy Piper, Goldust, or the Honky Tonk Man. The Honky Tonk Man won the vote, looked totally out of shape, then won by DQ. Let’s allow Marella to stop defending against the likes of Honky and D-Lo Brown, and get some real and worthy challengers in there.

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