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Kane's Sack

Well we have to wait no longer as the contents of Kane's bag were revealed tonight in a nice shocking twist. The GM Mike Adamle let Kane know he would have to give up his bag after the match with Chris Jericho tonight as this little escapade was bad business. The match was decent as both men exchanged blows but Kane was distracted as Adamle brought security down to the ring to get the bag. This gave Jericho the easy win, but the best was yet to come. We have all been speculating the bag contained Kane's old mask and he may revert back to that character in order to boost his profile. Well tonght we found out it was Mysterio's mask. One has to guess this means there will be a future program between the two and it's a very interesting pairing to say the least. Both men really haven't found their place on Raw and they really look like the odd superstars out. Their styles are definitely night and day as Kane is the brawler and Mysterio is the high energy, fly off the ropes, high risk wrestler. This doesn't even account for the size difference. We have seen Mysterio look good against Batista so it's not to far of a stretch to see him have good matches with Kane. Either way this pairing will keep both guys in the spotlight for now.

And since we are less than a week away from a pay per view we do need to hype the big matches. That was accomplished right off the bat as Cena and Batista were in ring to exchange some words before their tag title defense later in the night against Rhodes and DiBiase. And for once Batista had the upper hand in the mic skill department. Cena tried some jokes like referencing the broken glass arm wrestle match but they never really caught on. It was Batista who had the line of the night when he stated the only ones who felt Cena would win at Summer Slam were the under 15 year old crowd. If he can keep up these types of barbs, then Batista has completed the circle of being great in and out of the ring.

Their match again would feature both men trying to one up each other in the ring and it was Cena's prevention of the Batista bomb that cost them the belts. This allowed Rhodes to chop block Batista and render him lame enough for the pin. So Cody and Ted get back the belts but not before Batista and Cena took out their frustrations on them. This would not be it for the dynamic duo as they would try to square off against one another, but Adamle made sure security and the refs kept them apart. This lead to a big push and shove feast and saw Batista on top of Cena getting a few blows in.

We also saw JBL try to challenge the straight edge CM Punk to a drinking contest. All CM Punk had to do was take one drink and JBL would give him the win. This really didn't go over well as it tried to establish the character of both men. And of course it ended in a brawl with Punk throwing a drink in JBL's face and attacking him. Like what most likely will be the result at Summer Slam nothing really exciting here.

To hype of the intergender match for both the Intercontinental and Women's belts between Mickie James and Kofi Kingston versus Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella. We saw Santino take on Mickie. This came about as both Kofi and Mickie came to the aid of Kelly Kelly who was being brutally assaulted after a her match with Phoenix. Santino them challenged Mickie so he could warm up for Sunday. And from what we saw tonight it was no to bad. Santino got the cheap win as Phoenix took out Mickie while the ref was distracted. I'm a bit disappointed as they sort of previewed what we will see on Sunday. It would have been nice to go into this match cold and not really knowing how it would work out. Therefore they could have some surprises when the ladies find themselves against the men. Not that there was any doubt that James and Phoenix could hold their own as we already have seen Beth take on male competition.

In what seems to be the new plot for both Raw and Smack Down we need at least two filler matches of no significance. Raw's tonight featured first Cryme Tyme against the Highlanders. The result of this one was never in question as Cryme Tyme won easily. Look for them to be the top contenders for Rhodes and DiBiase. As for the Highlanders look for them to be wrestling at an indy program near you in the future. We also continued the Regal and Noble feud with Regal getting a fairly easy and quick win. Again this is not really the way to reestablish oneself as King of the Ring. The suspension may very well have cost Regal his last change of being a big time star.

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