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In Case You Missed It...and You Probably Did...

While here at Let's Talk Wrestling we pride ourselves on being a true blue WWE site, we also realize that there is another "wrestling" company that does exist, and it's pointless to try and pretend they don't so here is a quick take on what was the latest TNA PPV Sunday night "Victory Road."

This is the first time I ever truly took in a TNA PPV, and while I don't really follow their storylines at all, it was easy to keep up with them as they did their background promos, much like the WWE would do if you didn't follow it and happened to catch a PPV. While I didn't catch the whole PPV, I caught most of the last 2 hours, which was more than enough to decide how I felt about this bomb.

Yes, you read that right. This thing was awful. I have had issues with TNA in the past, and this is not just because I am sticking up for WWE. Simply put, if you watch TNA - why? I'm serious, give me some feedback in the comments section or shoutbox to your right as to why you spend your hard earned money watching this 3rd or even 4th rate wrestling.

I will give TNA credit for their X-division matches, which is about the only thing on these shows worth watching. They had the finals of the World X Cup Tourney Sunday night, with TNA, Team Japan, Team Mexico and Team International. Team Mexico won (at least I'm pretty sure from what I recall) and for the most part, the crowd really seemed to care less.

I look at the X-division matches as the WWE's Money in the Bank. They usually have 2-3 big bumps, and are usually pretty good. Since I barley watch TNA, I don't know how this one ranked, but it seemed like it was a little less exciting than ones that I have been able to catch in the past. The Knockouts Title match I caught with champion Taylor (a Mickie James character knock-off) vs Awesome Kong (think Mark Henry as a woman) was okay, with a fast ending with Taylor rolling up Kong for the win.

I had so many issues with the main event, I don't even know where to start. Booker T vs Samoa Joe for the TNA World Title was to me what TNA was all about. They showed Sharmell (Booker's wife, in case you forgot) easily 15-25 times during the match. I actually counted a few times they showed her and three times didn't get past the count of five when they would show her, show the action, then show her again. Awful.

The ending was awful as well, with it basically being a no-contest. With refs knocked out, they played it that Joe "snapped" and kept beating on Booker until the ancient Sting came out and beat up Joe eventually with a bat. Then Sharmell made a hookey three-count and Booker stole the belt. Could this have gotten any worse?

Now I know why I don't watch this crap. Again, I can't believe people pay for this. I have my issues with WWE, but trust me when I say - those of you that watch TNA are wasting your time. And money.

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TNA on most Thursdays is horrible and let me tell you I watch because apparently there is a part of my heart that truly loves abuse.

Just a little run down from the reason for last night...which I'm sure they went over during the PPV but made no sense...and it wont make sense when I retell it.

Booker and Somoa Joe:
Booker is doing his usual thing where he becomes the heel and is possibly the worst heel ever because no one ever cares about him in the first place so after Joe won his title booker inserts himself into the title hunt because as most people on TNA in the title hunt, he's done nothing, has beaten no one on the roster whos worth mentioning and really an all around bad heel. Since its obvious Joe is just a big brute of a man and possibly a little more than functional outside of a ring so they went with the Joe can't beat booker because he's not smart enough route and paraded Nash out for a matches I guess so Nash could do something of interest? This was all messy and clumsy really two or three really good parts in this 2 months long thing but for the most part just bad. So now they are probably gonna go with the whole HE STOLE MY BELT and now sting wants a title shot because he hasent gotten one in a year....wooooo.

The X Cup:
Makes no sense...just a reason to do ultimate X....I didn't understand it at all. Made no sense...good matches VERY good matches but really confusing and at points felt like filler.

AWESOME KONG (insert screams) and Blonde wrestler woman:
This is ALMOST EXACTLY like the Micki James and Beth Phenoix thing when Mickie lost the belt then won it back from Beth....which as we all remember was not good good TV for the WWE and still wasn't good TV on TNA. Actually some of the worst women matches I've ever seen and thats hard for me to say because I think TNA has the better women wrestlers.

Ummm the Tag Team Match with the Belts and stuff...:

Hector Gurrerro still is alive? Didn't know that. Umm this started because of something happening and then a match and the the tag champs being beaten with belts and ummmm what could have been good matches were turned into essentially Finlay and Horney just with full grown people.

Nothing I can say can make any of that really make sense....because on TV it all makes no sense.


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