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The Hardy Boys Ride Again

With ECW tonight in North Carolina it was only fitting there should be a reunion of the Hardy's since it is their home state and they are now touring together again.
And a the rate ECW has been going since the draft this was a much needed shot in the arm in terms of selling this show. Just look at their main event match for the upcoming pay per view to see the proof of how far this brand has fallen. If it wasn't for the ECW title, Tommy Dreamer and Mark Henry could not even be the opening match for a house show in Wyoming. But that will be your champ and number one contender going at it at the Bash. So tonights reunion of the Hardy's at least gave folks something to care about on ECW. Heck this brand has gone so downhill we now only get 3 matches instead of the 4 we use to see.

Tonights show started off with the champ Henry bending frying pans with his bare hands and challenging Tommy Dreamer to do the same. Well Dreamer did bend it hardcore style upside Henry's head. This opening only shows how weak this brand is. Other than Henry taking the frying pan upside his skull the rest of the segment was dull. If Dreamer is not involved in a hardcore match serving as whipping boy for his competitor her really has no value. And as far has Henry is concerned do we care that he can bend pans with his hands? Even the aftermath of this was lame. Dreamer was kicked out by Teddy Long and Henry beat up Colin Delaney back stage. I know ECW is not the top brand, but if this is the best you got then you need to find some new writers quick.

We then moved on to Mike Knox versus Shannon Moore. It was another win for Knox and his brute force style, but really a big lose for Moore. At one time I felt he and Jimmy Wang Yang would make some noise as tag champs. They had some great matches against Miz and Morrison and it looked like a healthy feud was brewing. But nothing came of it and Wang got suspended so Moore due to this fell of the face of the earth. He has decent talent and great moves, but he looks to become one of those high flyers who never won over the crowd and relegated to bottom tier status.

Speaking of high flyers trying to establish themselves we saw Evan Bourne get his first big time win over Chavo. This match was perfect to showcase Bourne's abilities as he matches very well style wise with Chavo. They both put on a very high paced match featuring a few good flip moves by Bourne. This is a good sign for him as it shows he can take on established stars and not look out of place. Hopefully he will do more with his chances than Shannon did as both men are talented, but you have to win over the crowd in this business. It will be interesting to see what is in store for Bourne.

And since tonights theme revolves around those high risk takers, let's get to the main event featuring the best of the bunch. The Hardy's put on another great display of their extreme style of wrestling again with a win over Miz and Morrison. While it was good to see them together again it did not bode so well for the tag champs. Yes we all knew the Hardy's would win, but the tag champs looked pretty bad in the lose. Except for a small period during the end of the match, they really had nothing for the Hardy's. Not what we need to see out of those who have the gold. By now I figured this pair would have lost the belts and moved on to bigger things. I still see Morrison and Matt Hardy in a program for the ECW belt, as those two should be the showcase for this brand. The Miz is not so bad himself, but I don't see him going any further than a mid card guy on the other two brands, but he could be a possible candidate as champ in ECW. Not sure what they have planned for the champs but I feel their title reign will end in a couple months as they looked bad tonight and are in a program with Finlay and his leprechaun son. Not the stuff of legends to say the least.

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