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Raw is Cena

That's right, he's back and perhaps bigger than ever. What a difference a day makes as the wrestling landscape going into Mania has been blow wide open by the return of John Cena. After winning the Rumble it will only be a matter of time till he is champ again. The WWE wasted no time by moving the potential Orton and Cena Mania match to No Way Out in two weeks. Sorry Randy, It looks like your days are done as champ. Don't feel to sad though, you'll get another chance in years to come. This time I'm afraid you just weren't ready as your inability to carry any heat on your own became very clear. This will speed up things and allow Triple H to enter back into the main event picture. Tonight we saw the announcement of the elimination Chamber match. It will be H, Jericho, Umanga, JBL, Jeff Hardy and HBK. The winner takes on the WWE champ going out of No Way Out. I for one do not like the idea of fast tracking Cena back to the championship. But that's another blog for another day. We can't be spoiling all the fun at once, how else will we get you to come back to this site.

We also set up Kennedy and Flair tonight,as Kennedy announced he rather end Flair's career, instead of fighting for a chance at the title. This will only help rebuild Kennedy's profile after he didn't do much in 07 after winning Money in the Bank. Of course his time off for various reasons helped put a damper on things, but he still came back flat and only recently has started to gain some decent momentum. It should be a good match and hopefully they continue to let Flair win cleanly, as it only makes it more legitimate.

Of course with a new DX shirt there needs to be a DX appearance to help sell it. And tonight we got to see them take on Umanga and Snitsky. Umaga again showed why he is one of the best workers in the ring today. He put on a great performance against Triple H and HBK despite looking like an overgrown tomato in his new ring attire. I wonder if there are some plans for Snitsky as he again finds himself against some high profile names. He really didn't do much to warrant a push, but they must have brought him over to Raw for a reason. It's not like ECW has a glut of talent holding people back.

Again Mickie James was traumatized by yet another thrashing at the hands of Beth Phoenix. Ashley and Jillian were also there but neither made an impact. And in case you though I was going to let it go from last week, the offer of a date is still there Mickie. Still love ya girl and know deep down you'll get your win over Beth. Can we say at Mania. Perhaps we can celebrate together after the event. Let me know. And of course wrestling fans I think we all no what the response will be. The same as it was last week. To quote Mr. McMahon's entrance, "No Chance In Hell". O well guess will just try again next week.

We also got a sneak peek at Maria's Playboy layout tonight as her pants were pulled down to revel her undies courtesy of opponent Melina. Of course Santino would have none of this, and quickly covered his Maria. Should be interesting to see were this angle goes, as you have to think Maria gets some kind of match at Mania to push her spread in Playboy. I don't think they would have her go against Phoenix as the match would be terrible, but they have to do something to promote her. I wonder if Ashley and possible Carlito find themselves in a inter gender tag match against Maria and Santino?

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