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How Bout That for a Curveball?!

What else can you say? The company threw everyone for a loop on Sunday night as they brought back the biggest star in the company as John Cena returned as the 30th man in the Royal Rumble, danced with both Batista and Triple H, and in the end, won the event. I don't think that if you would have asked 1,000 people Sunday morning that know the product who was going to win the Royal Rumble, anyone would have guessed Cena.

You have to wonder when the idea came to the company and to Cena that he would be able to be back, look 100 percent, and eventually win the match. It was the biggest shocker of this year without question (I know we're only 28 days in), but overall, I can safely bet that once 2008 closes, this will be the surprise of the year.

So where do we go from here? Well, the company still has plenty of options, starting with they can hot-shot the belt back on Cena as early as tonight if they wanted, and then the Rumble results can go out the window and they can go in a totally different direction. Why not? Who wouldn't want to see Cena-HHH II at Mania, the match we should have seen at Mania 23?

Or how about Cena vs Jeff Hardy? Then there is always the call for a four-way with Orton, Cena, Hardy and HHH. So much can happen between now and 62 days when the fireworks go off at WrestleMania 24, that its hard not to get excited about what they can do with a healthy Cena back on board.

With that, here are my early picks for what and how Mania is shaping up:

John Cena vs Triple H (I think H will actually have the belt as champion)
Undertaker vs Edge (World Heavyweight Title)
Chavo vs Mysterio (ECW Title, just have a feeling)
Randy Orton vs Batista (in some weird cross-promotion match)
Jeff Hardy vs Umaga (IC Belt, who wouldn't want to see that?)
Ric Flair vs Ken Kennedy (another career ending match for Flair)
MVP vs Matt Hardy (US Title)
Candice vs Beth Phoenix (Womens title)
Money in the Bank (Punk, who wins it, Shawn Michales, Khali, Finlay, Kane, Snitsky)
Mick Foley vs Vince McMahon (just a hunch)
JBL vs Chris Jericho (some stip like last man standing)
Big Show vs Hulk Hogan (still calling for this)

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