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One Site Puts OutTenative WrestleMania 24 Plans


Here are the tentative plans for WrestleMania.

The plan right now is for Cena to wrestle Triple H for the title at Mania, which means Cena is winning the title from Orton at No Way Out. There have also been talks of a three-way match with Orton, Cena and Hunter. Either way, Triple H and Cena are definitely going to be in the title match. Behind the scenes, it's been said that Triple H has been politicking like crazy ever since Sunday night.

They're doing two Elimination Chamber matches at No Way Out; one for Raw and one for SmackDown. Undertaker is winning the SmackDown one, which means it will be Edge vs. Undertaker for the belts and the WrestleMania streak.

Currently, there are plans to do a Flair vs. Kennedy match, but this one could very well change. Shawn Michaels has been pushing to wrestle Flair in his final match.

MVP will be wrestling Matt Hardy for the U.S. Title, which has been the plan forever.

The remaining big stars such as Jeff Hardy and possibly Randy Orton if he's not in the title match will participate in the Money in the Bank match.

There will likely be something involving Vince McMahon and Finlay. There have also been talks of Vince vs. Foley, Foley vs. Shane McMahon, or Finlay & Foley vs. Vince & Shane.

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Triple H always gripes when he dont get his way! but one of the best wreslters out their! I agree that they should do it Cena vs Triple H vs Randy Orton at Mania. That should be the better match to do at a big ppv like that.Shawn is pushing for him to wrestle flair, I kind of would hate that because that would mean Shawn turning, heel or maybe not. I just dont plain like Cena he was supposed to be Injured for several more months and now all of a sudden he is back I dont get that.What is Teddy Long doing back I though he was sick as well?

You got a good wrestling blog here by the way!

Why the story line with Finlay and Vince Mcmahon for? Also I just think they should do a vince vs Foley match instead Vince vs Finlay!

I also wish that they would quit changing around the plans so much why cant they ever stick with the one plan they had? As you can tell I am WWE Fan!

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