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The Road to Wrestle Mania Begins

The official kickoff on the road to Wrestle Mania will begin on Sunday night at the royal Rumble. The winner will get their shot at any title and one of the main events for Mania. And what a winding road it has been and will continue to be leading up to Mania. The WWE has done a good job keeping under raps who will be the participants for the WWE and World Heavy Weight titles. This has been great for the fans as it leaves the results of the rumble up in the open.

With that being said let me peer into my crystal, ala the departed Ariel, and see what is in store for us. As for the Rumble, look for the Undertaker to win and take on Edge at Mania. Not much of a secret here as they have been developing this angle for a while on Smack Down. It's the other two major events at Mania that are very interesting to say the least.

For the main event of the WWE title look for it to be Triple H and Jeff Hardy as we have reported here. Right now Hardy is on fire and for him not to have the title by Mania would crush the momentum he is gaining. Triple H will find himself in this match courtesy of a win in the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out. Plus with Hardy/Triple H it gives us a main event we have not seen before. It looked for awhile that Batista would cross over to Raw and meet Triple H, but we have seen that one before and right now it looks as if they don't know what they will do with Batista. You have to figure Orton's time is up since he really hasn't gone over to well as champ, so he should be dropping the belt soon. I really think there is no way he goes to Mania with the gold. Plus if the rumors are true of Cena returning to face Orton, there is no way they would want a title match with little build up to the event.

Finally, for the Money in the bank match look for CM Punk to win and make his move off of ECW. Now that the belt is off him I believe he will get his chance to make the big time. It has been long overdue as he really is the only person, besides Kelly Kelly, that anyone gives a damn about on ECW. Shelton Benjamin will fill the void eventually as champ and continue to take on the collection of stiffs they have for the brand. Especially since it does not look like they want the Miz and Morrison to lose their tag belts. As I have stated before in past writings, look for Punk to win and then use his chance to take on Edge for screwing Punk out of the ECW title. This will bring him to Smack Down and a program during the summer or fall for the US title.

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