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Armageddon on the horizon

Smack Down tonight gave us the obligatory tension build up to a pay per view. Following the time honored tradition of the WWE all the major players were enter into some kind of conflict to add to the meeting on Sunday. Let's start with the minor match ups first. Finlay showed up to go after Khali during his scheduled match with Hornswoggle. Of course Khali took out Finaly again with the vice grip to add to the tension for Armageddon. Look for this result to change on Sunday as I can't see Kahli winning.

MVP of course played his nice guy/bad guy routine. After congratulating Mysterio on his win he would sucker punch him with the belt upside Mysterio's head. This could be the making of a great feud as the fans love Mysterio and hate MVP. As I've stated in the past MVP has really raised his game since Wrestle Mania, and we all know how exciting Mysterio can be. I feel this one has the legs to last a few pay per views if they want to go that way. With MVP's ego and cockiness and Mysterio's good guy image there could be some sparks. I feel the fans can really get into this because its so easy to hate MVP, and who doesn't love Mysterio.

Finally, let's get to the big players. All 3 contenders fro the World Heavy Weight belt all were involved in matches. And since Edges' sugar momma, Vicky Guerrero, calls the shots each man took on opponents of lesser importance based on Edge's hatred of the men. Edge defeated Funaki easily enough, so he looks good going into Sunday. The next match was for Batisita as he faced Kane in last man standing match. Things turned out well fro Batista as he won, but Egde made sure to add some damage after spearing Batista at the end. And Finally the Undertaker had the toughest challenge of the 3. He had the privilege of taking on both Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. Amazingly Taker won, but V and Henry laid waste to him at the end. To add insult to injury, Edge came into the ring to mock the fallen Taker. This should set the stage for Edge to become champ and he and Vicky should be spreading their evil throughout Smack Down.

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