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Can the Hardy Train Continue Over HHH Sunday?

It's a big WWE weekend with our final 2007 PPV - Armageddon, coming live from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh on Sunday at 8pm. The card, as we've talked about a few times, will be highlighted by the two title matches with Randy Orton vs the returning Chris Jericho for the WWE Title and for the World Heavyweight Title it will be Edge vs Undertaker vs the champion Batista. There is another match on the card though that has garnered a ton of attention and thought, that being Triple H vs Jeff Hardy.

It'll be the first singles match on a PPV between the two, and the stip involved is the winner will get a title shot at the WWE Champion (likely to be Orton from the reports we're hearing) at the Royal Rumble. With WrestleMania 24 just three plus months away, the rumor mill continues to put Triple H in one of the main event matches, meaning it looks as if they will let him go over on Hardy in this match to set up a match with Orton at the Rumble.

Right away when this match was announced the early thought was they would allow Hardy to go over and change things up in the company, along the lines that Hardy has everything to gain with a win and HHH has nothing to lose. That's fine in theory, and there's no doubt that in the long run Hardy is a player if he can stay on the straight and narrow. But right now I can't see, nor in my mind do I think I want to see Jeff Hardy in some sort of main event match at Mania, or even at the Rumble for that matter. Let's be real here - Triple H is still a main event guy, in and out of the ring, while Hardy's time in that area is yet to come.

This isn't to say that the match should just be given to HHH Sunday. I can and think we'll see an excellent match, one that could lift Jeff to another level to the point where by the time Mania rolls around, his match with whoever will be a top second-tier match. Can you imagine a Shawn Michaels vs Jeff Hardy match at Mania? That would be something to see for sure. The Matt and Jeff Hardy bandwagon has grown a great deal in the last year, year and a half, and while Jeff has been better than ever since before SummerSlam (even though he screwed himself with a suspension), I think the push for a win over HHH will have to wait and they will put HHH over to get the Mania ball rolling.

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