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It's Majors' time

Another step closer for the Major Brothers tonight on becoming the tag champs. Yet another great match between them and the team of Miz and Morrison. I'm personally surprised Miz and Morrison have stayed the champs this long. After both men showed great promise taking on CM Punk for the ECW title, I figured they would want to go back into that program. Also, long term I don't see these men as tag wrestlers, so I'm not sure why they are keeping them as champs given Smack Downs girth of worthy candidates. With that being said, the Majors have pushed themselves to the top of the list. Over the past few months they have been involved in some high profile tag matches and are continuing to deliver. They bring great energy to the ring, work well as a team and have some pretty impressive moves. If Morrison and the Miz are going to remain champs then a feud with the Majors would be great. I feel all 4 individuals involved only can strengthen their profiles by working with each other.

Thank the wrestling gods Kane interfered tonight in the Punk, Mark Henry match. I was almost sacred fro a minute they may introduce Henry into the ECW title mix. As you know from reading my postings I have no love of Mark Henry. In my opinion he may be the biggest overrated stiff who always seems to get a major push. Yes I know the WWE signed him to a long contract, but lets face it, he does not have what it takes to be a big time performer, so quit wasting time and giving him exposure. Lets hope the number one contender for the ECW title goes to Big Daddy V or bring back either Morrison or the Miz into the fold.

And a word to the wise, Kevin Thorn give it up. New look, old look, with Ariel or not you still are no good. First, give Gangrel his gimmick back. It did not work for him and its not working fro you. If things are going to get better for Thorn they need to take him off TV until he figures out what the heck he is and develops a little more. Then after developing his in ring presence some more put him in a feud with Shelton Benjamin or Elijah Burke and let him show his wares. Hopefully that will help him get on track and make something of himself.

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