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Happy Anniversary Raw

I would like to personally thank Vince McMahon and the WWE for making Monday night the most electrifying night of entertainment for the past 15 years. There is no doubt Raw has taken sports entertainment were no one ever dreamed and have made it a bigger icon than Monday Night Football. OK, maybe I'm getting a bit carried away here with the praise, as I'm not desperate for a job with the WWE like Hogan was tonight. Seriously Vince, if there is an opening I'll work for half of what Todd Grisham makes and I'll even help put up and take down the ring.

Overall tonight was excellent, dare I say it possibly may outshine Armageddon on Sunday? It was a great mix of matches, legends and guys you just love to see for no other reason than to root the nobodies one last time. We had the reunion of Evolution, another taste of DX, Stone Cold and yes even a Gangrel sighting. Why even the Million Dollar Man showed up and once again reminded us every man has a price, buy buying out IRS for the Battle Royal win.

It looks like tonigth we may be setting up a Hogan appearance at Mania. As I mentioned above he went out of his way to kiss up to the WWE, and given his recent life trials he may need a big payday. To bad it looks like they may waste it on him facing Kahli at Mania. Lets hope it may happen sooner, and then put Hogan in a real match for Mania. It would insult the fans to have him take on a dud like Khali at wrestling's biggest stage.

Good to see Carlito get a real match for once. The ladder match with Jeff Hardy was worthy of pay per view status and had plenty of huge moves and spills on the ladders. This match should be tough to follow for Hardy at Armageddon, especially since we know he will lose, so Triple H can get his title shot. It should be interesting to see if this push for Hardy dies on Sunday, or how they will carry momentum after a possible loss.

Will we now see the end of Kade and Murdoch now they are no longer champs? Rumor has it the WWE wants Kade to go on his own, and with him not holding a belt as tag champ it seems the first obstacle has been cleared. Will they keep the program with Holly and Rhodes alive or send Kade on his merry way? It would be tough for him on Raw as he would have to take a back seat to plenty of men in front of him including Kennedy, HBK, Jeff Hardy and Umaga. Not to mention Jericho, Triple H and Orton, who look to be major players for the WWE title. If Kade is to make a name for himself, a move to either Smack Down or ECW should be in the cards.

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