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Backlash Preview

WWE will roll out its annual PPV after WrestleMania this Sunday, as the company presents Backlash from Atlanta, GA. While this PPV cannot possibly match the card they put on in front of over 80,000 earlier this month in Detroit, it does have some interesting matches and some decent storylines leading in.

First off, its the first PPV of the new era of the company finally coming out and stating that all three brands will for now on be a part of every PPV. No more "brand" PPV's, and trust me when I say that is a very good thing. The one interesting part of this PPV is as of Friday morning they have only announced six matches, meaning there is a chance we could add 1-2 more matches before Sunday. Here are some thoughts on the matches we do know about:

Fatal 4 Way for WWE Title - John Cena vs Shawn Michales vs Randy Orton vs Edge: This match was somewhat in doubt after the company sent Orton home last week after he trashed a hotel room on the tour of Europe. Now it appears that the match is on, and you can bet that Orton is going to be the fall guy for this one. Cena vs Michaels on RAW this past week may have been the best match on the show in easily 5-7 years. Edge will add a lot to this match if he's back to 100 percent, which he should be. As for Orton, who knows what his future holds. The end should be Cena getting a clean pin over Orton, and maybe we can get that long awaited title match rematch of Mania with Cena and Michaels at Judgement Day.

ECW Title Match - Bobby Lashley vs Umaga, Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon: Lashley wins this, no doubt, and I continue to hope that this will end the McMahon vs Lashley feud. Umaga and Lashley will dominate the action, while Vince stays on the sideline and Shane gets involved here and there. Look for Shane or Vince to take the fall, and again, hopefully it will end this feud.

World Heavyweight Title Match - Last Man Standing: Undertaker vs Batista: This was a good match at Mania, and this could steal the show if they do things right. I think Batista's stock went up a bit with the Mania match, and if he can stay motivated, I think that they may give him another run down the road. As for Taker, he is in for a long title run according to what I have heard, so he does get a win here, or at worst, they do a draw and we get a third match with maybe a Hell in a Cell or cage with these two at Judgement Day.

World Tag Team Title Match: Hardys vs Cade and Murdoch: I actually think this might be a solid match, as Cade and Murdoch have been put over strong as of late in this mini-push. Nevertheless the Hardys are a better team today and tomorrow, so they will get over here with a clean win to keep the titles. At least the titles seem to mean something again.

US Title Match: Chris Benoit vs MVP: Time for MVP to go over and get the strap here in my opinion. These two have had some good back and forth the last few weeks, and I think they want to push MVP, so they let him get a cheap win to win the belt. As for Benoit, I still think there is a chance we see him on RAW this summer.

Women's Title Match: Melina vs Mickie James: This could be the spot to get the belt on Mickie, who by far is now the best actual womens wrestler on the roster. This is a time where they really need to start getting actual women wrestlers back on the roster, as with losing Trish and Lita last year really killed the division. As for Melina, she still will be a part of the division, but I think this is a spot to give the belt back on James.

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