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Chris Jericho Rips C.M. Punk

During last night's broadcast of WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE Champion CM Punk mentioned Chris Jericho in a list of talents that Triple H, the current COO has lost. Chris Jericho, put his two cents on Twitter, regarding that mention.

@IAmJericho: "Everyone is so excited that @CMPunk mentioned me on Raw. Newsflash...I don't give a shit. Mind ur own business and stop rippin me off Punk."

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Hi Matt,

Sorry, this isn't really the right place to post this. I was referred to your blog by fellow bloggers who believe you may be able to help me because I had attempted to contact WWE twice regarding an event in Canada on Aug 23 that I've been trying to get tickets to. I told them my story and am very disappointed that they haven't even bothered to reply, especially since it was regarding a true fan and a 90 year old at that. I originally didn't think I would be able to make it but my schedule changed and now I can and am trying to bring my grandpa who is turning 90 early september to a live event for his birthday. We had tickets the last time WWE was supposed to come to town for both cities in our province but because of the Benoit situation, it was cancelled. My grandpa has been a fan for many decades now and it would mean the world to him and our family if he could be front row at a live event. I am willing to pay for tickets, I just want him to be up close and able to see and enjoy himself.

If you can help us out, it would be much appreciated. Please email me at whirlwindofsurprises@yahoo.ca. It is my blog's (Whirlwind of Surprises) email. Thank you!

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