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WWE Diva Upset With Taking A Backseat To Trish Stratus

It was reported yesterday that there is backstage heat on John Morrison and Melina as a result of their behind the scenes treatment of Trish Stratus. It was claimed that either he or Melina, his girlfriend, felt Stratus took her spot at Wrestlemania XXVII.

Morrison rejected various ideas Stratus had for the match and was said to be very difficult to work with.

During the live performance, Morrison appeared visibly cold to Status, not making eye contact with her and dodging her following its conclusion. Morrison's treatment of Stratus reportedly hurt her feelings. Word quickly spread amongst the locker room, garnering heat for both himself and Melina among some circles.

Regarding the validity of the story, former WWE talent Sean Waltman (a/k/a X-Pac), who was on hand for the WrestleMania festivities in Atlanta, wrote yesterday on Twitter that a participant of the Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match did not behave in a professional manner. He wrote to Stratus, "It was wonderful seeing you this weekend. You are a true professional, unlike someone else in your match and I don't mean Snookie."

He then added that he was very surprised and disappointed by the person's unprofessionalism.

According to a friend of Melina's, the Raw Diva is legitimately upset with Stratus. Melina has privately said that her source of contention with Stratus is not because she herself was snubbed from WrestleMania due to her, but because many of the Divas were. She's upset that many of them were snubbed from the grand event when they're on the road throughout the year, unlike her. Melina also said that she's not the only girl upset with Stratus for "taking their spot."

Meanwhile, Melina wrote a message on Twitter Tuesday defending her Diva peers, and that she will fight for them.

"I was eliminated from TE...Look how far I've come. I'm not the best but God knows I try my best! Thru all the h8 I'm still standing strong!"

"I don't care what ANY1 says, WWE Divas CAN wrestle. We prove it when we get time. I believe in them. I will fight 4 them until U see what I C."

"Thank you everyone. We have a strong group of women in the WWE. A roster that I'm proud to & be a part of."

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