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JBL Comments on His Return to RAW, Alberto Del Rio and More

WWE’s website interviewed JBL this week after his return on RAW Monday night. Here are some highlights from the in-character interview:

WWE.com: First of all, sorry about the night you had this past Monday. I don’t think it was the return you were expecting.

JBL: What bothers me is when other great champions come back, like The Rock, “Stone Cold” or Roddy Piper, when these guys return they’re not treated like that. And I was the greatest champion of all time. You got the best [Superstars] from the ’80s and ’90s coming back for WrestleMania, and I had to reiterate to my fans, because they love me so much, that JBL was the greatest champion. So, when something like this happens it’s just a matter of complete disrespect by a guy like Steve Austin. I hear he’s very successful in movies – God bless him – but that’s where he should stay.

WWE.com: Speaking of being successful after WWE, you’ve been gone for almost two years now, what are you up to these days?

JBL: I invested in a really good beverage company, New Leaf Beverage (newleafbrands.com). We’ve got about 18 brands, including four lemonades and four iced teas. We’re in about 35 states, and sales have been pretty good. It’s been a good investment; I’ve spent a lot of time with that. I spend a lot of time in Bermuda. I can do my investments anywhere, so I spend about 4-6 months a year there. It’s only an hour-and-a-half from New York, so it’s an easy commute.

WWE.com: Any final words for the WWE Universe?

JBL: I’m thrilled they got to see the greatest champion to ever come back. Also, I got to meet Alberto Del Rio, and I cannot tell you how proud I am of the young man. I knew his dad. I knew his uncle. And one thing we agree on, Rey Mysterio is not a good role model for kids. You want to look up to people like Alberto Del Rio and me, both great champions, both very successful financially.


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