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Randy Orton vs John Cena - a Train Wreck to Say the Least

A train wreck is the polite way to talking about the WWE Title match between Randy Orton and John Cena Sunday night at SummerSlam in Los Angeles.

First there was the unoriginal ending of Orton getting DQ'ed, and then the worst ring announcer in the history of the business, who couldn't leave the sport soon enough, botched the announcement that Orton was DQ'ed and that Cena was the winner. Let me ask you this - how many times in the last few years has Lillian Garcia botched announcements in big matches, only to be back on RAW the next night?

Then there was the count-out ending, which again was weak and then overturned by Vince....at least that's what we were told by the awful Lillian. Then the Orton on the ropes ending, which is where this should have simply ended. It was bad enough, just put a stop to it.

But oh no.

Then we had the weird spot of the year, with a "fan" (I'm not convinced it wasn't a spot) came in, and started to choke out the ref. After a few minutes of weird silence to make it seem real, which is might have been, still not sure, Orton quickly got a pin, as probably backstage they said let's just end this thing already.

It was an odd ending to an odd match, that in the end could have been so much better, but how many times have we said that in 2009 about WWE main events?

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Holla to all fraternity of Wrestling. I was made to hate the game as it was said to be devilish but I have come to Love and Like it. One thing that have made me try to fallow up the events is that Randy Orton is too much of himself and also it implies to his team mates and so as time goes he might continue winning but with little applouse from fans. His supporters are continually loosing appetite with his way of playing and so he might end up having no one to cheer for him.

John Cena, seam to be simple and ready to accept the lose and always seem to be learning to correct his mistakes.

Keep it up as I Love the game.


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