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Backlash Coverage Match One: Jack Swagger vs Christian for the ECW Title

It was match one at Backlash on Sunday, as ECW Champ Jack Swagger took on Christian for the ECW strap. Here's our coverage from co-editors Matt Loede and John Sefcik.

Matt: Not a bad opener for what looks to be a crappy card. Both guys worked pretty hard, and while they have met before, this was probably their best match. I felt all along that they were going to get the belt to Chirstian, so this was not much of a shock. ECW is always out there in no man's land, and after what was a pretty good opener, we'll see if he can hold it and if he gains any momentum for the lackluster brand.

John:Not a bad start I guess. Nothing special about the match, but it pulled off its job of starting the pay per view. Will Christian finally bring some excitement to ECW, a job Matt Hardy failed to accomplish while champ? The roster of ECW still needs some talent infused into it and I really don't see Christian sticking around much longer. Especially with his run in with Edge backstage. Look for a summer feud with these two and Swagger to become ECW champ again.

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