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Tyson Kidd Going Heel Soon on ECW?

WWE.com has an article looking at ECW newcomer Tyson Kidd and his unique hairstyle. Regarding the hairstyle, Kidd said, “It reminds me that I’m always wearing a crown. If this haircut doesn’t scream Extreme, what does?”

While he appears to be a babyface for now, it looks like WWE has plans to turn Kidd heel in the near future as he acts rather heelish towards the end of the interview by cutting off the person conducting it and making some rather disparaging remarks regarding ECW. “Why don’t you just watch my match highlights on WWE.com,” Kidd said, “as I erase the legacy of your beloved Original ECW?” He also proclaims himself as the “future king of Extreme” and says his hairstyle is the way it is because he refuses to follow “the rest of the sheep” in ECW.


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