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Where WrestleMania XXV Seems to Be Headed After the Rumble

The 09 Royal Rumble is done, and it means that WrestleMania XXV is coming quickly. There are a couple of matches that seem to be already booked for the event out of last night's show, and here they are:

Randy Orton vs John Cena for the World Heavyweight Title - Orton wins the Rumble, and his new heel character w/ Legacy at his side will take the shot at Cena. These two have had plenty of matches on PPV in the past, so we'll see how they freshen this up.

Triple H vs Edge for the WWE Title - This still needs to be developed, but you can bet HHH will be in the title picture in some fashion, and with Vickie Guerrero at Edge's side, they will make HHH's life hell before he finally gets the title shot.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy - Out of the Rumble, the brother vs brother storyline will go forward. Most thought it would be Christian playing the role of the attacker of Jeff Hardy, but instead they will play the jealous brother storyline of Matt going after Jeff. Should be a good match, but again, we've seen it before.

Shawn Michales vs JBL - I would expect this to be a stip match to do with "Texas" (Bullrope maybe?) since both are from the Lone Star State. They have been building this for awhile, and it's the logical choice for each other to highlight the card with a match of "employee vs boss."

Undertaker vs Big Show - This has been ongoing for some time, but since they went at it during the Rumble, and eliminated each other, I can't think of another program for either of them, so it makes sense.

Money in the Bank
- A Mania specialty that is always a fun match between 6-7 top WWE stars.

That's all that is a "for sure" for now, but things will start to play out as the final PPV - No Way Out will get more matches cemented as the card starts to take shape.

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