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After All That - RAW Failed on Many Levels

I don't know about you, but I for one didn't really like the direction that RAW took last night. I have to admit that I was looking forward to the show, this after a Survivor Series that I thought had some good moments and if nothing else had two major title changes that should have changed up the show.

First off, you crown a new champion in John Cena, and then his segment at the end of the show seemed to be nothing more than a throw-away segment that didn't do much for anyone. We all knew that Chris Jericho was going to get an immediate rematch, if for nothing else than because he deserved it being the ex-champ.

Then in an interesting switch, we didn't even see Cena till the final segment of the show, and by then the show was officially deemed a complete disaster on a number of levels. Cena taking out and beaing on Y2J was as much of a head scratcher as anything I have seen in awhile. Bottom line, it was a tough show to watch.

Here are some things on the show that made no sense whatsoever:

1. Goldust beats Santino - I don't think I need to say much about this, other than I have no idea what creative could possibly see in this feud. An over-the-hill Dustin Rhodes beating a wrestler that in some fashion is involved with the future of the company. Makes no sense.

2. The IC Belt #1 contender Tourney - One word: why? I mean, don't we enough time wasters on a weekly basis? It's also interesting to note that William Regal, the IC Champ, didn't come out for the first match of the tourney, but yet showed up for the C.M. Punk/Snitsky match. Huh?

3. The Titan Tron Glitch during the womens match - Yes, it blew what was somewhat of going to be a nice surprise with the return of Melina. Someone should get a tounge lashing for screwing this one up.

4. JBL and HBK now have a Deal? - While I still think this is going to be a scam, this is yet another storyline that makes no sense. Do we even need a HBK-JBL feud anyway? You know how this will go -they will have some sort of "understanding," then JBL will turn on Michaels. I think we've seen this before.

5. Mr.Kennedy comes back in a lame skit - excuse me while I yawn.

And with that, RAW fails on a lot of levels this week. They should have started the show with Cena, then moved on from there, and forget about some dumb IC contender tourney, not exactly a way to get fans ready for your biggest PPV's of the year starting in mid-January with the Royal Rumble.

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