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WWE - Cut Your Losses - Dump Hardy Now

While I have been a fan of what Jeff Hardy has done in the ring for a long time, it's time for the WWE to take a stand and let this talented, yet troubled performer bite the dust, and they should release him once and for all. I don't even need to know the whole story behind why he was taken off a plane heading to the SmackDown tapings this past week, bottom line it could not have been good.

You have to know that it was drug related, and yes, I feel confident in making that assumption. Hardy has had his issues in the past, and there is no question that the company has been patient and have tried to help him through his issues. Jeff has already had plenty of time and help to work through his problems, yet can't seem to keep the straight and narrow.

WWE - it's time. Cut your losses, Jeff is never going to truly get clean, and even if he does, he has some issue that keeps pushing him back in that direction of falling off the wagon. I for one am sick of seeing Jeff get a major push (Main event at No Mercy?) and then mess it up. Take a stand, tell you audience the truth that he can't stay clean, and set an example for the rest of the roster.

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Don't you think you're being a little premature here? We don't yet know what, if anything has happened. The Nashville airport has denied any incidents with wrestlers this week, so it may be just a baseless internet rumour.

you feel like a ass now dont you

what an ass clown. people get taken off planes all the time. they thought jeff was drunk, they then offered him a later flight. you sir are an idiot.

You're such a gay fag! Jeff Hardy is the BEST in the business and you know it!! Yeah, sure, he made some mistakes! So what! We all do! Even you dumb ass! So maybe you should think next time before you start to post a dumb ass article!!

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