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Push, Push, Push

No we are not talking about giving birth, or even urging a race car drive to catch up to his competitors, but instead the new mantra of the WWE as of late. This weeks Smack Down featured at least 3 wrestlers who are getting major pushes at this time. We saw two new guys to the roster, Vladamir Kozlov and R-Truth along with Carlito, finding themselves in situations that should raise their profile. This seems to be starting a time of transition for the show as it switches networks next month. This could start a whole batch of new story lines in order to make the show fresh and new when the switchover is completed.

Out of all the major pushes it seems Kozlov is getting the biggest. Last night he not only took out Jeff Hardy, but also included Triple H in his quest of better competition. Both men were assaulted by Kozlov after their matches and MVP helped Kozlov dispose of Triple H. This is very interesting for Kozlov as he goes from taking on the bottom of the roster to now taking on the biggest superstars in the WWE. They may use Kozlov as place holder till things heat up on the road to Wrestle Mania. They may save Triple H, Hardy along with Undertaker and Edge for major programs around this time. Kozlov could fill taking on these guys while showing the WWE what he is made of. This would seem like a good idea, but Kozlov is an unknown commodity and it could crash and burn in a series of horrible matches for him.

R-Truth scored a big win by defeating Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match. With this win it will no doubt set up a title challenge maybe as soon a No Mercy. Again this is taking an unproven talent and thrusting him into the spotlight. This may take MVP out of the picture and really places Benjamin in a tough spot. Shelton has used his US title reign to really raise his stock in the company, but now having to deal with a new comer may put more pressure on him than he can handle. No to mention what will happen to MVP as his future right now is unclear as it look like it would be him and Benjamin.

Carlito is now finding himself back in the good graces of the WWE as we saw a Carltio's Cabana segment last night. He was on with his brother Primo making challenges to WWE tag champs Hawkins and Ryder. The champs would accept the challenge for next week on Smack Down. It now looks as if Carlito may only find himself in these tag roles as there seems to be no indication to push him in singles competition. This is a role he does well, most recently with Rick Flair two years ago. It very well could be his niche but is well below the potential he has shown in the past.

One guy I really would like to see get pushed is Scotty Goldman. Of all the new guys, with the exception of Evan Bourne, he is the only one who has show some sign of promise. Granted until last night his in ring performances have been lack luster, but his puppet of the Great Khali had me laughing. It did a great impression of Khali's "fabulous" mic skills and I would love to see this type of humor on a regular basis. He has the personality, now let him work on his moves and you may have a surprise star on your hands.

In other ring action we saw Hardy beat Brian Kendrick before being taken out by Kozlov. Hardy did a great promo before the match on how he is hungry to take the WWE title and followed with a solid match against Kendrick. How far Hardy goes is still up to the WWE, as they may not want to risk hyping guy who will ultimately let them down. His recent run in with the law may not have been major, but the company cannot be looking upon it favorably. As for Kendrick he is getting a decent push but again he finds himself in limbo with no real major program to showcase his talents.

As for the wrestlers who are not making the cut, it seems it's Jessie and Festus' job now is to pack em up and ship em out. The two country boys now are the official movers of the WWE and have sent Kenny and Ryan Braddock off to parts unknown. These two are helping the move to the new network, but already are needing a new gimmick to keep them fresh. I really like these guys and wonder why they haven't gotten a serous chance for the tag belts. I know over time their shtick will get old, but for now they still are funny.

If you wish for, it it will happen. Last week I spoke about the Divas belt not being defended much on Smack Down and this week we got our match. Maryse would lose to Michelle McCool in a pretty solid match by these ladies. Granted it did not have the high tempo like a Mickie James match, but these ladies can wrestle. For two of the better looking Divas they could make it on that alone, but both have worked hard to show they belong in the ring. Again this dedication only makes the Divas legitimate members of the roster and improves the division overall.

In other happenings we saw the Undertaker start to reek his terror on the Family. After being mocked backstage all night by Vickie and the Big Show he would find his way to the locker room to assault Chavo. Of course this will lead to a match at No Mercy with the Big show. Perhaps next week we will see Brie Bella's twin as she was challenged by Natalia and Victoria who are tiring of Bella's games of retreating under the ring. And last but not least Gregory Helms returned to the program with pop up commentary on the screen during moments of matches. The comments were lame and I hope this will not be a regular feature, but I'm glad to see Helms back.

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