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No Payoff Tonight

I have stated in the past one of these days I will file the ECW report for this sight simply as nothing to report. And we cam very close tonight as the show really had nothing to offer except one match that featured one man. I pondered in previous articles what would become of Evan Bourne and stated my opinion as he would fade away due to his style of wrestling. I will still admit I'm skeptical if he can really make a big name for himself, but at least for tonight he saved the show. His match was a tag team affair with Ricky Ortiz on his side taking on Chavo and Bam Neely. It was Bourne who made the only impression in this match with his cat like moves and high flying rope antics. Chavo held his own when in the ring but really didn't stand out. As for Ortiz and Neely the jury is still out as they really didn't show much. Todd Grisham even had to mention that Ortiz was involved in the match and contributed to the victory. These guys will probably face each other some more times in a variety of combinations and all the youngsters can learn from a solid veteran like Chavo. For Bourne it will help him make the push to the bigger brands, and from what we have seen from Ortiz and Neelly it may be what saves their careers.

As for the rest of the night there really wasn't much to talk about, including the much hyped Dirt Sheet. Usually the last match of the night is the big payoff for putting up with the lack luster effort for ECW. But tonight it cam up very short as the Miz and Morrison failed to make their magic like they do on WWE.com. The picture gags of the cut out mouths of Mark Henry, Tony Atlas and Matt Hardy were not funny at all. As even Hardy eluded to they were a Conan O'Brien ripoff, and a poor one at that. Then it turned into the usual clear the ring beatings as Hardy was attacked by Miz and Morrison. That turned ugly as Morrison accidentally hit Henry while trying to take out Matt. This lead to Hardy taking out the Miz and Henry finishing off Morrison.

Other action saw Knox and Finlay in a verbal exchange about Finlay going soft. No blows were exchanged but you have to see a match coming soon for these two. I don't think Finlay can help Knox out much, as he is just another Snitsky wannabe, and we all seen how well that worked for the original, let alone his Russian counter part Vladimir Kozlov. Armando Estrada got his contract by beating Tommy Dreamer with help from Colin Delaney. Not sure if any one cares if Estrada is on the roster or not, but at least he can provide some comic relief. As for Delaney, end it already. He adds nothing to the show and will never be a facto in anything. After he gets his butt beat next week by Tommy Dreamer in an extreme rules match will he have any credibility left. And just because the match happened Braden Walker beat James Curtis.

We did have a different announcer joining Grisham tonight in Matt Striker. With the rumors of Foley leaving, we may see Taz going back to Smack Down. This would then place Striker on ECW as many have felt he would be better in an announce or manager role. He wasn't to bad tonight, but did lack some of his I'm smarter than you comments. Given time I think he could work that into his announcer persona and really is there any place better for him to develop this than ECW?

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