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And Our #1 Contender Is.......

Well it looks like its JBL and Punk at Summer Slam to complete the lame heavy weight title matches at the upcoming pay per view. This is the worst collection of supposed main events in a long time for a major pay per view as both title matches should be overshadowed by Batista and Cena and especially the Hell in the Cell match of Edge and the Undertaker. I understand why this may be as the WWE is still sorting out all the roster moves from the draft. They are trying to build up programs gradually instead of rushing into them and perhaps failing big time. We all know the Triple H and Khali match should be a dud, but JBL and Punk can be serviceable as both guys are decent enough in the ring.

I will give the Mike Adamle era of Raw some decent reviews as the match to establish the opponent for Punk was an nice twist. We had JBL and Jericho take on Punk in 10 minute time limit handicap match. The stip was who ever won would face Punk, but if Punk won then it would be a triple threat at Summer Slam. The match was great and they really kept the outcome a surprise as JBL got the pin in the closing seconds after Jericho tried to take him out using the ropes. This instead collapsed JBL on a prone punk in the middle of the ring. With Jericho losing one has to wonder will he and HBK confront each other at Summer Slam. Michaels will be there to announce if he will continue wrestling so the potential for sparks will be there.

In another match made by the new GM we saw Cena and Batista tag together against the champ Rhodes and DiBiase. For once we actually saw some major action out of DiBiase and a mixture of offensive moves. I will say he looked good so I'm not sure why they held off his action in the past. Unfortunately it was not enough as Batista and Cena were able to put their differences aside and are now the new tag champs. We saw this once before with Cena when he and HBK were champs. I really hate these types of angles with rivals as champs. We know they want to develop this rivalry but they will water it down with a series of lame tag matches featuring in ring conflict with Cena and Batista.

In family matters we saw the Burchills in back to back championship matches losing to Kofi Kingston and Mickie James respectively. Paul really looked weak against Kingston as their styles did not mesh at all. Kofi was drug down by Burchill's slow bruising style. His sister on the other hand brings a nice vicious approach to the women's division. Despite the lose I look for many more great matches out of Katie Lea.

These matches would lead to another refreshing Adamle creation. As Beth Phoenix attacked James and the end of the match we saw this program rekindled. Beth and lover-boy Santino then approached the GM requesting title matches. Supposedly there is room for only one more match on the card so Adamle created a tag match of Santino and Phoenix against James and Kingston with the winners taking home both the Intercontinental and Women's belts. Have to admit this a a neat idea and should make for a good match as we have seen what Phoenix and James can bring. Also Santino is not to bad in the ring and should be better competition than Burchill.

The rest of the night was pretty much filler that saw Kane beat Matt Striker and declare who ever Kane was asking about being dead. So I guess it's good to see Kane find peace in his life. Right? Also we saw Regal try to reestablish himself as King of the Ring as he interrupted Layla. This of course brought out Jamie Noble and the two tussled for a bit. Don't really think a program with Noble is the way to reestablish ones self after a suspension.

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