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Smack Down Roster Takes Shape

Watching last nights Smack Down gave a clear indication of were certain plot lines are going and how the new additions of the draft will feature in the program. Since the major roster shack up there really hasn't been much indication of how all the members of the roster will fit into the grand scheme of things. From the looks of the program last night there should be a mix of good and bad in the upcoming months. Let's take this time to break it down wrestler by wrestler of those who look to be the major players on this show.

First we have a possible feud brewing with Jeff hardy and MVP. We saw the start of this last week and it now looks like it will take off very soon. Both men interfered with each others matches and look to have it out for each other. I really like this pairing as I see both men being legitimate WWE title contenders. Some may say we kind of saw this already when we had MVP with Matt Hardy, but Jeff brings more to the table than his brother. With his high risk moves and seemingly no concern for his own health Jeff raise the bar in any match he is in. This combines well with MVP's cocky attitude as any prematch heat will always deliver the goods. This could have the makings of some good number one contender matches and will only further solidify these men as top talents.

In a pairing of wrestlers with plenty to prove we look to be establishing Shelton Benjamin and Mr Kennedy for the US title. We all know the criticism Benjamin has faced in past years an now Kennedy seems to be in the same boat. Both guys are very talented but for some reason they just have not been able to make that final step to firmly entrenching themselves. Kennedy's new face persona really needs some work as it fails to deliver with his cheap crowd pops and near funny guy antics. He made his name being a loudmouth and without it he is just another good wrestler. Benjamin on the other hand has looked really good starting back to his days on ECW. Other than his match last week with Jimmy Wang Yang his performances have been solid. He even showed he could deliver some good technical moves in his match with Kennedy. A program here will surly let these guys strut their stuff and plant some great performances in the fans minds. If they come up short they only have themselves to blame.

In another good paring we should see The Big Show and Umaga squaring off against each other. And let me say it's about time. Since delivering the greatest celebrity cross over performance with Floyd Maywheather, the Big Show really hasn't done much except for taking on the lummox brigade of Mark Henry and the Great Khali. The same could be said for Umanga as he has just been used as a stand in when they need a top level guy to take on somebody when they were not involved in a major program. Both of these guys are great workers and any type of program could be great filler for pay per views. Also allowing them to have some good matches will keep them in the publics good graces and not let them slip into obscurity.

Once again we saw John Morrison Light, aka Brian Kendrick. His take on the cocky full of himself wrestler is a little more abrasive than the shaman philosopher of Morrison, but is still nothing more than a ripoff of an existing gimmick. Yes it may look good now as Kendrick takes on the bottom half of the Smack Down roster, but once he tries to take on mid to top card guys the weaknesses will be exposed. Sure the attitude is there but his physical attributes will always prevent him from making it to the top. His style is best suited for taking on someone like Mysterio, but I cannot see him being successful in taking on Triple H, let alone someone like Jeff Hardy. At best he will get a shot at the US title, but really his style is best suited in tag action.

I do want to comment on the ending of Smack Down last night. It was great to see Mick Foley in a role other than the bumbling color commentator. Yes his sense of humor does add a nice dimension to the broadcast, but this man is a hardcore legend. Seeing that fire back in his character was awesome and the exchange of blows with Edge took me back to Mania 22. And after witnessing Edge's beating of Foley can you ever imagine him going face ever again. He may very well be one of the best heels ever in the WWE and certainly is the best they have now. If the Undertaker and him can delivery the goods at Summer Slam Edge will have cemented himself firmly as one of the best ever in the WWE.

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