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Latest From Jim Ross' Blog

Jim Ross has updated his blog once again.Some highlights:

Bryan Danielson's Dark Match: "I watched ROH's Bryan Danielson wrestle in Oakland and I told any one who would listen that the young man is a keeper. Great work ethic, unique skills, lots of character, and he wrestles like he is a "star" which is not something all wrestlers can do. I wished Bryan good luck as I left the arena in Oakland Monday and he went back to speaking with Shawn Michaels which can't be a bad thing for Bryan. The WWE might be well served to help subsidize the ROH as they seem to be one of the most viable entities when it comes to developing talent."

Hulk Hogan on Larry King: "I said this last week and it was proved true in my view, Hulk Hogan should never have gone on the Larry King Show this week. What was proved? Nothing of any real significance. What new info was revealed that cleared up any significant matters? Your guess is as good as mine. I did not hear anything new or rehabilitative. Should Hogan have said any thing that could be used in the obvious civil suit that is headed his way in addition to an apparent divorce? Of course not. So what's left, simply regurgitate his version of the story and to lay blame on the media? Who wins that one? Not Hulk. Hulk Hogan got bad advice and he should lay low, keep a low profile, and encourage all those around him to do the same. This case, unless settled out of court in some fashion, is going to get nasty. Plus, the more negative crap that comes out the less chances that Nick will be released early from his 8 month stay in the can. Honestly, if the Tampa judge and his people who are elected by the voters of that area release Nick "Hogan" from jail early they better have their real estate licences ready or something comparable."

The Next 24/7 Legends Roundtable: "The WWE 24/7 Legends Roundtable is one of my favorite things to do on TV these days and another is scheduled for next week in Stamford, CT to be hosted by Mean Gene Okerlund and will feature panelists Ric Flair, Mick Foley, JBL and yours truly. I heard we were going to discuss (and cuss) factions or groups in wrestling and wrestlings most significant moments which covers lots of ground and many generations. All the panelists are somewhat combative and opinionated which should make for some interesting 24/7 content. Plus if one just happens to have a social beverage prior to the "roll tape time" things can get a little heated and unpredictable. I like it.

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